Bringing ideas to life is our passion


Whether you have a cocktail napkin sketch or you are redesigning a product that's already on the shelves, Innovative Drive can add core competencies where you need. Specializing in all aspects of both product design and manufacturing equipment, we are uniquely suited to be your R&D partner. 


More than just a contract R&D resource


Innovative Drive is not your typical R&D consultancy. We design products, we develop manufacturing equipment, we machine and mold parts, and we perform in-depth failure analysis.  Whether or not your project requires all of these skills, having a team that can see the whole picture is critical for your success. Medical device companies especially need partners who have a firm understanding of quality systems, regulatory constraints, and IP strategy. With Innovative Drive you can be confident that our design considerations aren't constrained by the scope of work.


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Product Design

From prototypes to production, we have decades of experience bringing products to life. Whether you only need a parallel path CAD'ed up, or you have a sketch on the back of a napkin and want to turn it into a fully realized product, Innovative Drive can make it happen.

Equipment Design

Manufacturing equipment can literally make or break a product. Innovative Drive routinely designs the equipment that makes some of the most innovative medical devices. We specialize in everything from manual assembly tools, to semi-automated bench top fixtures, to fully-automated robotic workcells.


With over a dozen CNC and molding machines, Innovative Drive can both design your device and make it as well. This gives us greater control over the design cycle and allows us to tackle things that are often too important to contract to a manufacturing house.


Are you tired of the usual “guess and test” design cycle? Modeling complex, interrelated systems allows you to replace engineering inference and estimation with real, numerical, performance information. FEA is a key tool in Innovative Drive's service repertoire, focused on helping customers ensure that design criteria are efficiently met.

Two homes.


Founded in 2005 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Innovative Drive has been surrounded by the fast paced product timelines of the start-up culture. In addition, we have expanded by opening facilities in Reno, NV including dedicated high volume manufacturing equipment, clean room space and additional engineering staff.




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